ATEPE-ARKAL : Notre savoir-faire

Areas in application
Valves, specialty machine, laboratory, chemistry,
robotics, optronics, aviation, marine, food, public works,
transport, conventional energy and renewable energy, etc.

From prototype stage to working model :
production obtained by precision machining
(turning, cutting, milling and molding etc.).

Quality control (delegation of control possibility).
We stock sufficient amount of custom materials
to shorten lead times and to respond quickly to urgent orders.

Stock workpieces
PTFE, PTFE chargé 5, 15, 25 % carbone, verre, inox, bronze…
PTFE Modifié, PEEK, PEEK Mod, Vespel SP1 /SP 21, Torlon,
POM, PA 4-6, PA 66, PE 1000, Noryl, PEI, ...
We have taken the next step at our expense in providing and maintaining
sufficient inventory to our customers, delivery under contract within
a tight schedule or approval of stock recovery before modification plan begins.

Specific packaging
In collaboration with our clients in production,
we develop compatible packaging in line edge manufacturing.
We also perform certain pre-assembled units.

Sales in specialty PTFE semi-finished products
(with batch numbers and certification following customer testing standards)

PTFE metal bonded slide plates support lamination of (metal + rubber + metal + PTFE)

Cutting parts and PTFE elastomers

Other Specialties
- Waukesha CFR Engines laboratories
- Tests octane fuel index , cetane
- Maintenance and revamping CFR engine, spare parts, intervention refinery
- Machining parts well ( GRDF )
- Machining alloys, porous stainless steel, aluminum and various for optronics

Mission purchase